Here are some sites that would be of interest to both teachers and students of World & Me:

  • Futurity offers updates on the latest research coming out of a conglomerate of research universities. Write ups are targeted at lay people. The goal is to make research accessible.
  • Do Lectures. A collection of lectures about a whole range of topics. Similar to TED.
  • Big Think. A curated collection of ideas generated by over 2000 Big Think fellows and speakers who are typically thought leaders in their various fields.
  • 99U: As they say “Articles, tips, and videos on making ideas happen”
  • Big Questions Online. In their own words “Big Questions Online aims to explore Big Questions of human purpose and ultimate reality and to foster thoughtful discussion of those topics. We feature essays by leading thinkers and writers and invite you, the readers, to join in an author-led discussion.”
  • Templeton Big Questions Essay Series. Essays contributed by leading thinkers and writers on the big questions. Similar to BQO.
  • Project Syndicate. Newspaper op-eds written by leading thinkers.
  • And of course TED. “Riveting talks by remarkable people. Free to the world.”