Taken from BBC website


The recent furor in many Islamic countries over an anti-Islam film made in the US is a reminder to the world that religion remains a divisive force and can dampen any efforts to improve diplomatic relations. Ideologies as reasons for conflict was seen as long over with the ending of cold war but the aftermath of 9/11 sees a different sort of clash in ideologies- Extremist Islamic worldview vs the Liberal Western Worldview.

There has been multiple perspectives regarding the reaction of Muslims to the film and most of them can be summed up in the idea of whether freedom of speech is any cover for religious intolerance. While the perpetrators of the hostility were clearly condemned, many have also questioned the need for such extreme reaction from protesters- ‘Why kick such a fuss?’ they say.

Whatever the outcome, this episode would become part of a long string of events that has eroded US-Middle East Relations. With crisis still looming in the Middle East with Iran, Israel and Syria, waning US authority in this region may not make for a peaceful future ahead.