As we arrive at the end of the first term, we are nearing the end of our very first cycle of World & Me. Here is a brief summary of what our students experienced as they explored the issue of Food:

Food — Scarcity & Need

  • Stage 1: Food Diary or Fridge Hunt
    • students tracked the sorts of food they consumed and noted their origins
  • Stage 2: Food Miles or Food Atlas
    • students mapped out the routes taken by their preferred foods from “farm to fork”
  • Stage 3: Humanities
    • students learnt how to compare and evaluate print and pictorial sources (especially in relation to famine in Sudan)
  • Stage 3: English
    • students learnt verbal communication through the creation of an original rap, poem, or song dealing with the topic of food
  • Stage 3: Science
    • students learnt how to test for key nutrients in food
    • students also learnt about various malnutrition diseases
  • Stage 4: My vocation in the world
    • students reflected on particular Areas of Concern on the issue of food, guided by their personal values
  • Stage 5: An action project
    • students banded together with like-minded peers to carry out advocacy and action projects related to the issue of food, such as urban vegetable farming, and  food waste recycling