What is World and Me?

World & Me is a multi-disciplinary global education programme that equips Josephians with the critical thinking skills necessary to grasp the multifaceted nature of global issues. It also nurtures their powers of creative and caring thinking to produce engaged global citizens, capable of acting effectively in collaboration with others to address these complex issues.

The World & Me is a Special Programme for the students in the SJI Integrated Programme. World & Me is designed as a learning experience that proceeds across 5 phases (see the accompanying diagram) beginning from the familiarity of students’ own experiences and culminating in decisive action to address the issues.

Students can expect to be challenged to go beyond their comfort zones and to practice engaged global citizenship —  by seeking to make a difference in the issues and challenges we face in today’s world.

  • My Perceiving of the World
    • My perceptions of the world as mediated by my contexts
    • What do I see? How is my seeing affected by who I am and where I come from?
  • My Recognition of the Global in the Local
    • My sensitivity to personal experiences & local phenomena as expressions of global forces.
    • Is this issue present in my immediate surroundings? How is my community affected by this issues? What forces and trends have given rise to this issue?
  • My Investigation and Understanding of the World
    • My understanding of global issues as fostered by flexible thinking across the disciplines.
    • How would the various academic subjects perceive, analyse, study, and attempt to resolve this issue/challenge?
  • My Vocation in the World
    • My personal values, mission, meaning & purpose.
    • What do I personally care for and believe in (especially in relation to this issue)? What does this issue/challenge mean to me?
  • My Action in the World
    • My role as an advocate & agent for change in the world.
    • What can I do about this issue/challenge? With whom can I collaborate? What might we realistically achieve in addressing this issue/challenge?

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