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Our boys visited Siloso Beach Resort on Wednesday 4 Sep 2013 and learnt about what makes SBR an eco-resort. They visited the Wormery, the rooftop nursery and vegetable garden, one of the luxurious villas, the eco-friendly swimming pool, and other locations in the resort.

They had a chance to compare their own efforts at worm-rearing and vegetable-growing with those of the professionals at SBR.


To many Singaporeans,  the thought of having their identity being eroded may not have crossed their mind in this air-conditioned nation. Nonetheless, in other parts of the world, identity has to be reclaimed, fought for and regenerated.


The attention, glamour, fame and money are surely what attracted aspiring performers to seek a foothold in the Korean entertainment industry.

In this article, it is revealed that the road is bumpier than one has expected.

With the K-pop wave taking the world by storm, the dark side of the industry starts to surface, according to the investigation conduct by BBC in the following article:

Identity, security and acceptance are the desires of immigrants in their new homeland. However more often than not, they face disillusion, discrimination, disenfranchisement.

Being born and raised in Singapore, many of us may not have to encounter crushing situations where we need to make difficult decisions. However, we should be curious to find out if these life challengers emerge stronger after conquering tribulations and challenges in life? How do they negotiate the maze of trials? What can we learn from them?