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Reports out of the secretive ‘hermit kingdom‘ suggest that the suspension of food aid resulting from its continued attempts to launch rockets may well precipitate a ‘hidden famine‘ and possibly cannibalism.

Little can be known for certain about the realities inside North Korea, notwithstanding recent visits by prominent visitors.

Is food is being used as tool, even a weapon?

Who will help deal with the potentially disastrous consequences on the ground?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un


Given recent developments at In Amenas in Algeria, has a new front in the so-called “war on terror” been opened in the Sahel? Who is responsible for this “escalation”?

French President Francois Hollande who ordered French troops into action in Mali.

Islamist militant Belmokhtar who allegedly led the attack on the Algerian gas plant.

Members of the Algerian special forces, also known as the kouksoul, attend a training in Biskra, south of Algiers in this June 28, 2007 file photo. -Reuters Photo

How long will the French and other European powers be embroiled in this fast-changing conflict in North Africa?

Is this an example of successful multi-national cooperation tackling trans-national crime? The combined maritime forces patrolling the Gulf of Aden seem to be making some headway against the pirates.

Free Beer

Dan Arielly talks about the psychology of cheating.

And here is the abbreviated and animated version of the same lecture.

RSA Animate: Dishonesty